Corporate Greed Robs Disability Clients

In today’s America, many citizens are unable to work due to their health issues, which restrict their ability to function in places of employment. Due to their inability to work, these individuals should be eligible for receiving reparation from disability insurance agencies. These agencies are usually associated with place of employment and were designed for alleviating financial troubles for people that are unable to work. Sadly, many of these companies will deny people’s claims, leaving the individual in stressful situations. Hopelessness can easily occur from these patients, which already tend to be in lower socioeconomic positions. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics released a document that discusses issues in the disability system. Upon further review, it is clear to see that many insurance agencies cheat their paying customers of the help they deserve.

As globalization continues to reframe the world as we once knew, the gap between the rich and poor of the world is expanding. The top 1% of the population continues to implement cruel policies that antagonize the lower classes. Injustice is extremely toxic to the welfare systems that were originally designed to aid members of the population when needed. In the BLS report, mentioned above, it was found that “the lowest paid occupational group—service workers—is also the group least likely to be covered by employer provided short- or long-term disability plans”. Typically, due to systematic failures in government institutions, these service workers are already at a higher risk for poor health. The lack of highly nutritious food, the threat of displacement due to gentrification in urban areas, and an overall gap in educational standards are three main causes for the increase in illnesses within the lower classes. Adding to the growing problem, many insurance agencies have taken up the trend of denying patients coverage for their disability. This unethical breach of responsibility can not continue as it only furthers illness and discomfort. If an individual is unable to work, it is likely that they are eligible for disability benefits even after being denied by the insurance agency. The use of a third party to handle litigations in a competent manner can be the difference between receiving benefits and accepting abandonment.

It is clear that work must be done to reform the disability system in our country. As the population continues to grow, the system will become even more overburdened than before. The enormous challenge of bringing the U.S. population into a healthy lifestyle, free of illness that would keep them from work, is one that may not see significant progress until the future, yet in the present we as a nation can work together to protect our fellow citizens from harassment or injustice from multi-billion dollar companies that would put profit above the lives of innocent citizens.

In full, the United States is facing an epidemic that is claiming members of the population into submitting to a “sick care” system. This system is not for these patients to recover and go on to live a healthy life; rather, it is designed purely for profit. Pursuing these cowardly insurance agencies may be the first steps towards a healthier America for every citizen.