Facts about Alzheimer’s disease that you probably should know

Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia (persistent and chronic disorder in mental processes), which is degenerative in nature. In the U.S., Alzheimer’s is ranked as the 6th leading cause of death. Today, it is estimated that more than 5 million Americans are living with the disease. Tragically, Alzheimer’s is associated with approximately 500,000 deaths in the country every year.

Scientists have found that the risk of Alzheimer’s grows dramatically as we age. As such, probate attorneys believe (click here for the website) that you should plan your estate as early as now to prevent bitter estate disputes among your issues. Apart from age, other risk factors associated with Alzheimer’s are the following:

  • Genetic predisposition – Scientists have found strong correlations between certain genes and Alzheimer’s. Genes with specific protein codes, such as presenelin-1 (PS-1), presenelin-2 (PS-2), and amyloid precursor protein (APP) may directly cause Alzheimer’s.
  • Family history – Because some Alzheimer’s cases have been recorded to run in the family, you are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s if one of your relatives has the disease.

Age, genetic predisposition and family history are factors that we cannot control. However, there are some environmental factors that could contribute to the development of the disease. Head trauma, for instance, may increase your risk of the disease, and so keeping accidents at bay means lowering your risk of Alzheimer’s. A poor heart and damaged blood vessels may also contribute to the disease, as it may compromise the flow of blood to the brain.

To lessen your risk of Alzheimer’s, you should also consider switching to a healthier lifestyle. Not consuming too much alcohol and tobacco, for instance, may keep you away from other medical complications that could increase your risk of Alzheimer’s. Always remember that choosing to age healthy could mean keeping degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s away.

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